Josselin Baillarguet




Height: 185 cm

Training: Studio Pygmalion

Place of residence: Paris

french driver's license: AM - B - B1 - A1 - A2

Portrait naturel.jpg

Eiffel (Talking silhouette drunk man) by Martin Bourboulon on 06/01/2019


La Grande Rassrah 5 (Play my own role) by Cyril Hanouna - H2O Jeu Production le 11/01/2019

Medium-length films
2010 - present
2010 - present

Fallen: The Blue Bird (Sam Vaugner) by Julien Quoirin - Ciné-media le 12/01/2020


Bram Stoker (Talking silhouette man of the roaring twenties) Orchidea Jaumin on 07/01/2019

Web series

Emily in Paris (Flirty Silhouette) in episode 07 season 1 on Netflix by Darren Star Prod on 06/01/2019

Short films

Five O'clock (Paul) by Alexander Marciano on 08/01/2019

The Searching Guys (Matthieu) by Clément Delaneau on 01/05/2019

The Witness (Silhouette of the father) by Mélanie Merlier Ie 01/04/2019

Angel Maker (Eudes) by Paul Nizan on 01/03/2019

Entre les Mailles (Grégory) by Lamine Niang on 02/01/2019

Internships and workshops

Voice-over at Studio Capitale 2020


Actor Studio at Method Acting Center with David Barrouk 2019 - 2020

Acting on camera at Method Acting Center with David Barrouk 2019 - 2020