"I am an actor. My worlds are drama and humor.

My actor was born by discovering Jacques Tati in the cinema thanks to the teacher at my school who made us study him. Then there was Terrence Hill with the films of Sergio Leone and Enzo Barboni on my television. Then Depardieu, Dewaere, Nicholson, Dujardin, Jude Law ... "

My motivation:

"I work on my game through Stanislavsky's Actor-studio, discovered thanks to David Barrouk. Whether it is in training or the adventures of life, I never stop enriching my experience with great passion. When a situation lends itself to it, I particularly like to use the gestures which were inspired to me by the means of the humor related to the films of Jacques Tati.

While waiting for Marchall, Maiwen, Honoré, Dolan, Téchiné, Salvadori, Charuel, Fontaine, Diringer, Duran Cohen, Jaoui, Lutz, Chabat, Dupontel, Klapisch, Ozon… I join their world. "

Josselin Baillarguet